Building Governance of the Coral Triangle – Regional Secretariat Design, and Establishment for the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF)


Since 2010 TierraMar Consulting has led the organisational design, budgeting and operations scenario setting in support of the establishment of the permanent international Regional Secretariat for the CTI-CFF. Working closely with the Working Group responsible for the establishment process, TierraMar also developed transition roadmaps for moving from the interim to permanent Regional CTI-CFF Secretariat, worked with the six Coral Triangle countries (Indonesia, Malaysia ,Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste) to secure agreement on shared funding for the new organisation and developed  administration and financial systems requirements including salary scales, staff and operating policies. This long term project required TierraMar’s consultants to engage in extensive international consultations, stakeholder consultations and consensus building and a wide variety of workshops. TierraMar is honoured to have been an integral part of the extensive international process leading to the establishment of the CTI-CFF Secretariat and appointment of its first Executive Director in March 2015.


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