Australian programs

Australia is a continent and country situated in the Southern Hemisphere, renowned for its unique wildlife, diverse landscapes ranging from arid deserts to lush rainforests, and a distinctive blend of Indigenous cultures with a modern, cosmopolitan society.
Australia is surrounded by three major oceans: the Indian Ocean to the west, the Southern Ocean to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the east.
Ocean Youth empowers young people

Ocean Youth

4 December 2023

Ocean Youth empowers young people to safeguard ocean health, promote sustainability, protect biodiversity, and become a driving force for a more sustainable future. Ocean Youth is global youth-informed, science-based initiative […]

Ground-breaking project first step on path to restore Norfolk Island

1 October 2021

This project is a first step to revegetating Norfolk Island. TierraMar is partnered with the Invasive Species Council for restoring Norfolk Island Ecosystems. We are helping the community to identify […]

Shark and Ray Tourism Best Practice

3 April 2019

Responsible ecotourism can be a powerful, complementary conservation strategy…

Achieving Clean Marina Accreditation by an International Marina

18 November 2015

TierraMar worked with the Coffs Harbour International Marina to develop an Environmental Policy and Charter, an Environmental Management Plan, a Water Quality Monitoring Plan…

Strengthening Marine Turtle Management and Conservation across Cape York

17 November 2015

The Cape York Marine Turtle Nest Monitoring Programme aims for sustainable and resilient populations of marine turtles in Cape York through protecting and improving breeding success, reducing feral pig predation and an ongoing involvement of local Indigenous communities in marine conservation…

Ghost nets: The silent threat haunting our oceans

Stopping the Ghost Nets

17 November 2015

In Australia’s far remote north, the Gulf of Carpentaria pristine ecosystem is one of the last remaining safe havens for endangered marine species, including six of the world’s seven marine turtle species, dugongs and sawfish…

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