Ocean Youth

Ocean Youth empowers young people
Ocean Youth empowers young people to safeguard ocean health, promote sustainability, protect biodiversity, and become a driving force for a more sustainable future.

Ocean Youth is global youth-informed, science-based initiative to engage the fastest-growing demographic and one increasingly concerned about the issues of climate change and plastic pollution. It equips youth with the tools, support, and networks to help build their capacity to influence positive environmental change.

While initially focused on ocean health, participants gain experience that extends to broader environmental issues, and develop critical systems thinking skills, communication, and collaborative and entrepreneurial skills, while connecting with like-minded peers.

This year, our Ocean Youth Ambassadors represented youth voices at the inaugural Ocean Business Leaders’ Summit, the Marine Science Stakeholder Engagement Meeting, and have been invited to participate in Ocean Impact Organisation’s INNOVOCEAN.  Next year is also shaping up to be a pivotal year for the program, having been invited to co-create an ocean campaign for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2024 and provide input into Australia’s first ever National Sustainable Ocean Plan.

These high-profile opportunities highlight the significance of youth representation in decision-making and reinforce the commitment to continued advocacy beyond 2024.

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