What We Do

At OceanEarth we take a systems-thinking approach to program development - considering the needs of the natural environment and the communities, who live and work with it.  We engage and listen deeply to each community to truly understand the complexity of their challenges and their needs. And through collaboration, we foster integrative nature-based solutions that link the wellbeing of both the environment and people.

Central to our ethos is the unwavering belief that prioritising community needs is the cornerstone to achieving lasting solutions. By working together, we can help co-create solutions that build social and environmental resilience.

We recognise that social change often serves as a pivotal catalyst for achieving sustainable environmental outcome; these two facets are inextricably intertwined but through a respectful co-operative relationship, both can thrive.


Building climate-resilient fisheries & helping eliminate plastic pollution to save aquatic wildlife

GhostNets Australia

Helping Australian communities develop resilience & Pacific Island communities conserve ecosystems

TierraMar Consulting

Connecting people to nature & nurturing our youth as future sustainability leaders

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