Workshop Facilitation – Coral Triangle Futures Think Tank – Expediting outcomes and impact at scale

Expediting outcomes and impact at scale

TierraMar director Anissa Lawrence facilitated the workshop for the first Futures Think Tank for the Coral Triangle (CT) region on behalf of WWF in Bali in August 2017. TierraMar also authored the report on the outcomes of the workshop as commissioned by WWF International, WWF Coral Triangle Program and the MPA Action Agenda.

The objective of the workshop was to accelerate collaborative approaches that achieve greater impact to improve sustainability outcomes in High Conservation Value (HCV) areas with respect  to small scale fisheries and marine managed areas, focusing on the CT as a case study. There were 29 people who participated in the workshop. Representatives were from 14 NGOS, regional and development organisations working across the CT, as well as conservation  organisations working in other countries including Madagascar.

Participants explored the barriers and the context within which conservation organisations in the CT will be operating into the future, which provided a somewhat bleak picture. While  challenging, the collective minds, energy and resources of those working in this area were  brought together to find workable, cost effective ways to achieve the future wanted for CT  communities and biodiversity.

 There were clear synergies with respect to the future, including:

  • The need for healthy and resilient communities at all scales;
  • Healthy environments and functioning ecosystem services at all scales;
  • Sustainable natural resource use;
  • Good governance, leadership and inclusive policy;
  • Ongoing regional CT approaches expediting and addressing regional and national priorities; and
  • Strong communities of practice providing, through collaboration, effective solutions at scale.

Download the report here.

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