Strengthening Heart of Borneo Governance and Strategy


On behalf of the Malaysian, Indonesian and Brunei governments, TierraMar undertook a trilateral review and evaluation of the progress of the three Bornean governments towards the goals and aspirations of the 2007 Heart of Borneo Declaration, identifying what worked, what did not and how best to move forward in the future.  The results were presented at the 8th Trilateral meeting in 2014. This work complemented and built on a similar performance evaluation and strategic review TierraMar undertook of the WWF Heart of Borneo Global Initiative which included technical assistance and strategic planning components. TierraMar provided in depth analysis and evaluation of the first three years of operation of WWF’s HOB Initiative’s which was a precursor for working with the WWF team and its partners to provide technical assistance and facilitation support to develop the 2012-2019 Strategic Plan.


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