OceanEarth Foundation partners with Sydney Zoo to help bring sharks back from the brink


Every year more than 100 million sharks are killed, with overfishing threatening their survival and putting marine ecosystems at risk of collapse.

Thousands of sharks are caught accidently or become entangled in discarded fishing gear floating in the ocean, known as ghostnets, while others are targeted for their fins, driven by the demand for shark fin soup.

To raise awareness of the perilous situation facing sharks and learn about the choices we can make to ensure a more positive future for them, OceanEarth Foundation (formerly TierraMar) through its Ghostnets Australia program, is partnering with the new Sydney Zoo at Eastern Creek, to help protect our oceans and rivers and secure a better future for wildlife.

A Future for Sharks, launching at Sydney Zoo on National Threatened Species Day, will lead visitors into the ocean depths to reveal the critical role that sharks play in keeping our oceans healthy and in maintaining the status quo both as an apex predator and as part of the clean-up crew. 

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